April 10, 2020

Flavor Bombs
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In my youth, the one thing I could depend on was, every year my  mom would have a backyard garden.  Said garden would (by the end of summer) have an over abundance of tomatoes.  Memories of those, compared to what you can get in the store was to put it mildly…. Amazingly disappointing.

Then came the Youtube video included below, and I thought, well why not?

Luckily the boy found them at our local Kroger’s.  Noticeably smaller than what is portrayed on the video, still and all they quite lived up to their name.  Flavorful, juicy (to the point of spitting out significant amounts of juice when you popped them, excellent texture.  Needless to say, I am a convert.  Highly recommended.

Only downside, size, it’s a bit awkward to try and incorporate these babies into a BLT…..  But I manage somehow.

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