December 28, 2019

Jar Jar – Jar


Used to be a Star Wars fan…. Jar Jar, not so much, thus the thought here;

Jar Jar – Jar the one the original, gluten free, no preservations (think of it as an infomercial ad of sorts)

Was / will be a poster.

Still a work in  progress.


Usual process, plus the added crap of having to work on transparency.


Transparency in Zbrush, limited to during best renders (at the point in time that this was done).

Still need to put sweat on the “bottle” as well as some “air bubbles” inside, plus of course designing the “ad” for this thing to be displayed on.


Annoying, but at the time, quite satisfying.  A lot of my anger issues with Star Wars was relieved during this process.


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