February 12, 2023

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Got really tired of seeing a big “B” on the ‘BadBunny Studios” facebook channel.  So, there’s that.  Still thinking it over a bit, may come up with a second generation on this thing sometime in the future.


So, took the original Bunny from Zbrush, did a BPR of it, took it into Clip Paint and mutated the heck out of it.  Originally was looking at adding fur to it, but since Zbrush is … a bit challenged with that sort of thing.  Well, I could never get it to work that well, up to this time you basically had a naked bunny.


Clip Paint, managed to find some “fur” brushes…  May have overdone it a bit.



Did find some techniques that I think worked rather well.

Took the basic structure of the rabbit, brought it in, converted it to raster.

Then duplicated that and did a convert brightness to opacity (that gave me a grey scale that sort of implied my attenpt at geometry.).

Created a layer with the fur;  laid down dark color interspersed.  Repeated with a lighter color, then again lighter again and finally white.  Making sure to try and leave spacing so the underlying layers of “paint” were visible (all on one layer).

Blended it a bit

Then applied the brightness to opacity layer in multiply mode,  Knocked down the opacity on the actual layer until I got something I liked and Voila.

I found that with the computer I currently have, I can create the initial image at 600 DPI, then output it as a PNG with 72 DPI (Suitable for webbage).


Not perfect by any means, and I still don’t have a handle on lighting in Zbrush, so basically redid the whole thing and just used the original bunny as an underlying reference.  (It’s not cheating to trace your own work, is it?)

Still pretty happy with the current result.  Though I am trying to get a little less constrained on final product as I go along.  It’s a journey, not a destination you know….


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