January 12, 2023

Dormammu vs Doctor Strange


Was messing around on Facebook (yes, I am a masochist), found an art group and one of the members there (Mic Patterson), did an excellent black and white sketch of the good doctor.

In comments, indicated that I was a big fan of the Doc and thought he had done an excellent job and it would love to color it.  He made the mistake of saying “go for it”.

So, I did, admittedly got a bit carried away with it, so there’s that.


Still learning Clip Paint, so this was basically done with that product (the supreme version of it;  They have two versions, and I can never keep the two straight.). A cintiq (where I actually have gestures working now) and a brand spankin new PC (brag much?!?) went with a rtx 3080, since I don’t know if I have fire insurance on the house (heard someone was using a 4080 for toasting marshmallows?)

Still learning the product, but don’t think it turned out half bad.  Product itself not terribad, there is a bit of a learning curve, but it does seem for the most part to work as advertised.


Clip Paint, when it behaves does well.  HOWEVER, when it doesn’t;  You try and use a layer the wrong way, have issues with masks, etc.  (works fine, just not as obvious as I would have expected).

Hardest thing is relabelling the d*mned layers.  Clicking with a stylus, sort of works if you click it enough.  There is another way to set them;

Layers > settings > Rename

Why this isn’t on the pop up menu on layers is beyond me.

Also, the product uses a hybrid web / application weird configuration.  Quite confusing.


Done and done again.


Thanks to Mic for the inspiration and his good work.


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