February 10, 2023

Happy Easter 2023


So… what if you had a demented Easter Bunny that really didn’t get the process?  Did a version of this in black and white quite a few years back,  remembered the idea, wondered if I could replicate it in color.

Old version, used cross hatching on the chicken (stripes, checkerboard).

…. The wonders of new technology!


Pretty much completely in Clip Paint for this one.  That and some kitbashing here and there.



I think I’m getting a little better with the product.  Am finding some annoyances with it.  Multiple “adjustment” layers sometimes have an effect if  they are separate;  Then when dropped, they wind up doing something completely different.


No actual animals were hurt in the making of this “piece’.


  1. Robert Hunt

    Hmmm…. So is the moral of the story “a chicken in every pot”,

    Or is this trying to resolve the old “chicken or the egg” dilemma 🤔

    Dark as always of course! I would expect nothing less.

    • Lou Northern

      And here I was striving for cheery and uplifting with a soupcon of humor… The dead chicken was me venting, as the boy was over my shoulder kibbutzing throughout the whole endeavor…..


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