November 4, 2022

Zug Zug Baby?
Zug Zug Baby?

Zug Zug Baby?


Back in the day, I was somewhat of a Warcraft fanatic.  One of the things the game did was have a lot of NPC’s (non-player characters;  Background filler characters).  Horde side (evil bastards and yes, I preferred playing them), was wander around and randomly yell “Zug Zug”.


Now, if you google it, you’ll come up with at least two schools of thought….

“Zug-zug” or “Zug zug” = Acknowledgment and agreement; roughly the equivalent of “okay”.

Turns out it’s a reference to an early 80s comedy called Caveman. Zug-zug is caveman-speak for sex.

Left to the discerning web visitor to figure out to which I am referring…

(And yes, you all have filthy minds.  No offense)


This one was mainly clip paint, still learning the product, getting a handle on technique(s).

Coupled with a little bit of  kitbashing for the background.


I think my process is getting better, still a lot of work.


Working on getting more dynamic in facial expressions as well as better at overall texturing.  Not great, but think it at least a bit better than the last effort?


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