November 4, 2022

Halloween 2022

Happy Halloween


Trying to supply a little humor for Halloween, learn more Clip Paint and make use of some older Zbrush Assets I had from back in the day.


Front Characters are all zbrush meshes that I posed, as is the “Squirrel” word balloon (props to my son for the cartoon squirrel in the balloon).  As was the moon come to think of it.  But the original moon was too distracting, so wound up doing a pretty major paint over on the thing.

The rest of it, a combination of painting, kitbashing and a significant amount of cursing.

If there is any interest, am more than happy to detail some of the critical pieces of how this was put together (exporting from Zbrush, masking, how that’s applied in Clip), bringing in .png files. etc.



Zbrush, interface and customizing it arcane at best, God help you if you’re working off a smaller monitor.  Clip, still a powerful tool, but interface …  Nope, can’t think of a polite term for it, everything seems to make sense (if you can find it), up til the final step on pretty much any process, then it’s off to Google to try and find a fix.


Sort of busy (concept), but originally was trying to pose this stuff in Zbrush and build an environment around it….  That didn’t work very well.  This…  Fairly happy with it, but good enuff for government work, so there’s that…


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