January 3, 2020

Vector Lou


First attempt at using a vector paint program (Affinity designer), needed a new avatar.


Having never used a vector paint program, thought it turned out well.  Multiple layers most of them not completely opaque to get shading.

Hair, made one segment, then distorted / moved it around to make it look like hair.



Unfortunately, in this case, I had all this sort of work on an external USB connected drive.  Drive went south, lost most of the work on that thing.

Did have it all backed up, but the backup service that I was (am still using), Backblaze had a limitation;  If you wanted to restore a “drive”, you had to be able to take the whole drive as a zip file to your local computer and expand it from there.

Not their fault and yeah, you can use their software to pull down individual files, but the number that I would have had to pull to restore was heinous.  So, didn’t do it.  Only later after the files had expired did I realize my 2d art archive was part of the missing puzzle.  *doh*


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