May 16, 2022

Fun with Dick ‘n’ Jane

Idea based off of recent altercation between Florida and Disney


Florida, new law, Disney;  Not a hater of any sort, but didn’t seem like many were actually reading what was proposed.  So, this came to mind.


Only second attempt at using Clip Paint on Android.  Samsung Tablet 8+.  Done completely with raster and additional brush package bought off of the Clip Paint website.


Issues encountered, first had sized the image for printing, found that that caused some problems on getting it into WordPress.

Still haven’t gotten any idea of where the program actually saves files on Android.  Appears to be some sort of mutated special space that’s part of the application.

Was able to save it as a .PNG though and via trying to open and share that file was able to send it to myself via email…

Then tried to upload it to wordpress.

Seems that wordpress really doesn’t like having a 300 dpi A4 size picture brought into it.

Managed to find a site to do free resizing of the image.  First tried the Adobe “free” site for resizing.  It kept complaining that I was running firefox in private mode.

Googled how to reset that, and it was just too painful.

So, found another site that provided the same functionality.

Messed with it a bit, realized that I was dealing with a screen, yeah, I’m that slow.  Setttled on 2k or so for the  image size and uploaded it.


Not my best work, but I think the idea works.  Only second item I’ve done in the program.  Will likely do a comparison sometime in the future between it and a couple of other painting (raster/vector) programs on Android.


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