January 2, 2020

Ed 409
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Loved the original Robocop series;  At one point, actually had a model of the ED robot from the movie.  Figured, what the heck, why not do a tribute to that, and give myself a replacement robot (Someone stole this and my Robbie the robot during a move from one apartment to another.  Long story).

Anyway, either part of a factory scene, possibly a couple in the background being assembled, with a complete one in front, or more of an infomercially sort of thing “ED 409, the ultimate cleansing solution”.




A lot of kit bashing involved in this one (for the power cores in the back and the engine in the compartment.).

Transparent materials are a royal pain to deal with, though I’ve recently acquired Substance Painter and an old copy of Keyshot, so hopefully renders will start looking better?!?


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