First thing to determine in a website is why you are creating one in the first place?

  • A portfolio?
  • Vanity Project?
  • Monetization?
    • Services?
    • Store?
    • Contributions?
    • Ads?
  • other?

This will do a lot to determine the eventual structure of what it is you are trying to implement.

We are still at the beginning of our journey here, so thoughts, ideas, input appreciated.


  • Subscribers not necessarily needed.
  • No collection of credit card or other sensitive information.
  • Limited need for others to access the site or it’s information
  • (Assumption here is that you are dealing with images, short videos and their ilk), so image storage, performance and quality will be concerns.
  • Should serve as a platform to publish whatever services you are looking at presenting to clients
  • Contact information

Vanity Project

  • Similar to a portfolio, only not nearly as formal, similar limits to the types and kinds of information that is  captured.


Not really at the point of having done a ton of research on this topic at this point, but look forward to providing pointers on at least the following sometime in the future as we try and look to these options in-depth.

  • Google Ads
  • Amazon Ads
  • Patreon
  • Patreon Alternatives
  • Storefront and considerations (WooCommerce)
  • Products
  • Services

Test Bed/Training

So, you want to provide web services?  Need to learn the technology?  You can set up a site on the cheap and certainly use it for that.


Any basic categories that we’ve missed, let me know, more than happy to add topics as they become relevent to the process.