March 22, 2020

Another Life
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Another Life is a Sci-fi-horrory sort of series that has been created by Netflix.

On the good side, the design for the ship (when it is a single unit is nice), landing ship is highly reminiscent of Space 1999’s shuttles.

That’s the good news.

Bad news?  To be honest just about everything else.

Basic premise, we shot Mozart into space and in return aliens sent us what looks like a giant pretzel in the shape of an infinity sign (which might have been some sort of ship?)…  Anyway, it lands and burrows itself into the ground and pukes up an enormous crystalline structure of some type and of course (and this is original, it’s a test of some type because…   Well, all advanced alien races are incapable of doing research, so of course they have to test us to prove something or other.  Myself, I gave up on the series about 6 episodes in so…. I likely missed the exciting reveal of what the hell was going on.).

We of course can’t communicate with it and take the ONE ship that we have capable of going to the planet of origin out into the yonder to find out what is going on.).

Crew of course is laid out in racks like so many popsicles (but not frozen, just funky things plugged into their necks).  Don’t know how many of these there are, but considering the weekly body count, they prove themselves to be quite handy plot wise.

Captain (Starbucks from Battlestar Galactica relaunch),  had some drama (got a prior crew killed or something.  At this point I was fast forwarding through this to avoid permanent brain damage, so a bit fuzzy on details).  So complete lack of trust with her “taking over” from the official captain.

Anyway, can’t imagine a more incompetent crew, it would appear to be a weekly crisis of some sort;  Mutiny, electrocution of one staff member, people taking off their helmets on a space rock because it contains oxygen, a reprisal of aliens, another of tremors, final thing for me was starting off an episode where female captain was in a  space suit floating as the ship was sailing away from her.  “Wait for me… I’m over here….”

Absurd, no real tension to  speak of, actions taken by the “crew” unbelievable if you had even basic training in this sort of thing.  Disposable cast….

If someone stuck with it, would love ti hear how it all turns out.

Another Life Official Web Site


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