December 28, 2019

Samurai Gundam


This was for a class on Zbrush, a training exercise.  Never quite got around to finishing it.  Idea was to create a Gundam.  The boy loves Samurai.  So, there you go.

Also, check out the Samurai Chain Gun, was meant to be held in the hands of the samurai.


Blocked out the parts, refined each part, assembled it into one unit.


I think this one was done with Zbrush 4.8, there were definitely challenges;  Particularly in the creation of the shoulders.

Also, were a lot of issues around trying to have one “mesh” that was comprised of different materials / paint, and remeshing it all without losing the details.

Will review the latest version of Zbrush and see if it’s gotten any better.


It was a lot of fun attempting this thing, but am going to definitely have to work on tubes / hoses….


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