In this case, there was a group trying to do some free work on the internet. Part of that was to take a logo that had been used, with a pretty fuzzy version of a spaceship on it. Thought was to take the logo and animate it. At that point in time, no idea on how to animate things, no version of say Maya to be able to animate in.

And of course, having never tried to create a game asset…. Well, the model itself from a topological perspective was down right Fugly.

Then the people I was working with, were still in school, so they couldn’t really supply a lot of the “wtf do I have to do to get this thing out of Zbrush and into your program”.

UV Mapping? Normal mapping?!? Is there a creme you can put on yourself to help alleviate the rash?

Anyway, Whole thing wound up being a major fail, still and all, learnt alot in the process, it came out pretty decent considering where I was at, at the time.