Part of the Gundam project, this part actually managed to get completed.

Basic concept was to come up with something that would be a bit over the top (I tend to be conservative in my concepts, working on breaking that barrier)

Again, kit bashing and mutilating the items that I was kit bashing with. Chain itself, a royal pain as it had to fit the underlying body of the chain saw blade as well as look like it was a “complete” chain. It’s really not, made an individual “tooth”, got it the way I wanted it, then went ahead, made a couple, stuck them together and continued that until I had something resembling a blade.

At this time, I had no idea of “curve” brushes, repeating pieces of a brush, etc. if I had to do it again? I think I could simplify it and come up with a better overall “product”.

NOTE: Also, still struggling a bit with getting images the right size for the web. Notice clipping on the edges. Will likely repost a better image sometime in the future.