Basic idea, poster or shirt or something; “ED 409” The ultimate cleansing solution. (using the old formula 409 colors for the numbers).

In case you can’t tell, I have something, call it ADHD, dunno, where I get so far into a project and I lose interest, see the end in sight, just move on to the next thing.

Not quite happy yet with the mini-missiles on the arms, looks too much like matchsticks for me. Engine of course needs more work, some hoses, wiring, etc.

I see a lot of robots out there that look like someone made them in their garage. To my mind if you’re going to make a robot, you’re going to make it such that wires and stuff are protected. More of a polished / completed/ I went to Radio Shack and bought a killer robot off the shelf, sort of thing.

And as part of the online course I was taking at the time, am thinking in terms of maybe an assembly line in a factory setting to make it more interesting. One completed, one with canopy open, that sort of thing. Robotic arm(s) assembling them.

Hope here is that posting some of this stuff will cause me to get off my lazy arse and finish up some of these things.

Also, one of my first attempts at doing any sort of rendering with Keyshot bridge and using emitting lights and transparency.

Background, I was always a big fan of the ED 209 robot, saw an ad for formula 409, and thought, well I’m definitely needing work on my hard surface crap. So…. why not?