The boy had gotten himself all involved with the “Walking Dead”, and at the time, I was looking at a lot of demony kinds of Zbrush sculpts. Was curious if I could do anything that resembled undead flesh as well as being able to do a decent set of horns at all.

And of course…. Glasses, had to come up with a decent pair of those. In retrospect, I think I should have given up on that and just gotten lazic (sp?).

Also, first attempt at doing a render using the Keyshot Bridge. Quite a bit of a disappointment in that there was no indicate I was procuring a hobbled version of the software (limited materials, backgrounds, no animation capability, etc.). I’m sure that if you were a professional, that it’s a good piece of software (full product), for an amateur… Well, my wallet still cries in pain when I open it.

Still searching for a good rendering solution. Right now experimenting with Blender and Renderman combination. Price is right, free.