The boy rears his head again, constant nuisance. Basically, he is of the opinion that everything should be vector, didn’t appeciate pixel painting in the least.

So, it was like “Dad, you’re too old to even understand what a vector is… Let alone do anything recognizable using them….”

*sigh* The things I do.

Originally I had bought Adobe Cloud, since he is in the Designer business and needed it. Since then, he’s gotten a job with a design firm and they supply him that.

This of course led to me trying to save myself some money and cancel the cloud…

Adobe… well, they didn’t really like that idea all that much. An hour on the phone finally got me to someone who said basically “Well, you only have a short window to cancel your subscription and that’s at the end of the subscription period. You miss that, you’re stuck subscribed for another year. BUT, since you’re so nice, we’ll let you go ahead and cancel it (as a favor).

This led to me finding Affinity Designer (Illustrator replacement) and Affinity Photo (Photoshop replacement; Which admittedly I haven’t made any use of yet.).

Anyway, first attempt at doing a vector portrait in Affinity Designer, again, meant for an avatar on different services, so really only meant to be viewed at a very small size.).

Found a nice course for Designer on udemy (
All things considered pretty happy with it.